We love saving money so much even our logo is tiny!

Welcome to The Smaller Dollar, a blog designed to help you save money in your everyday life.

My name is Josh Gill and I have always been fascinated with money. Not because I had dreams of becoming insanely rich, but because I always looked for ways to save as much as I could.

Going through college I once went an entire month spending only $12.40 on food!

Perhaps, that was a touch too obsessive, but I started collating and sharing money saving tips I had on Facebook with friends and family and before too long someone recommended I start a blog.

So here I am. The Smaller Dollar isn’t confined to one niche. I share tips for young people, old people, single people, married people, small businesses, stay at home moms and dads.

I hope you find some value and if you have tip you think I might like to hear you can always contact me.