This is our collection of top money saving tips. If you have something you think we should add to the list feel free to email us.

Shop at the right time of the year. Think furniture in January/February, grills in fall, and clothes at the end of a season.

Housing has the potential to be one of your largest, if not the largest cost. Look to renegotiate your rent or refinance your mortgage.

Only buy large ticket items when they are on sale and always ask for a discount.

Create a spare change jar and empty your pockets of loose coins and small notes whenever you are move.

Purchase family essentials such as wrapping paper, toilet paper, cleaning products and tape from your local dollar store.

Pay bills online to save time and money with posting a check.

Create a household spending plan and see where your money goes. Trim the fat and set aside money for savings.

Always check for online coupons or discount codes before you buy anything on the internet. Simple Google the retailers name and “coupon code”.

Install energy efficient lightly and always buy the most energy efficient appliances your budget will allow for.

Save money on coffee. Be your own Barista and make coffee at home.

Join store loyalty programs and sign up for the promotional offers. Make sure you only buy what you need to.

Consider making your own cleaning products. You can use items like vinegar and lemon juice to make cheap/cost effective cleaning products.

Review your cable subscription costs. Can you get away with just having Netflix instead?

Purchase in Season or Frozen Veggies Stay away from expensive out-of-season fruit or vegetables as these attract a premium.

Purchase generic brands, especially for products where there is no difference in the raw ingredients such as rice and pasta.

Take left overs for lunch or make something fresh in the morning. This can easily save you $10 a day.

Stop buying bottled water. If you absolutely don’t like water straight from the tap then invest in a water filter.

Cut back on takeout and cook at home instead. If you have a family this is always going to be more cost effective.

If you use batteries for a lot of your devices invest upfront and buy rechargeable ones.

Wash more clothes in cold water. Not everything needs to be washed at a high temperature and heating water is a major contributor to your energy bills.

Dispose of clutter around the house and use this as an opportunity to rediscover old things that you can utilize.

Create a herb patch in your garden. Herbs are small, but expensive. And you often only need a small amount.

Look at household items you use regularly, such as toilet paper, and opt to buy in bulk. This can reduce the unit cost significantly and you know you will eventually use it all.

Always write a shopping list and whatever you do leave the kids at home.

If you ever need work done around the house get a minimum of three quotes and don’t be afraid to haggle over the price.

Shop at resellers or seconds stores for designer items. Plenty of well known brands end up on the shelf for massively reduced prices. Chances are they have only been worn a few times too.

Shop around for the best credit card details and switch providers whenever there is a cheaper rate available. Just don’t increase your limit each time.

When using the dishwasher or washing machine don’t run a load until it is full.

For family outings identify free or low cost items. Taking the kids to the park to ride a bike can be just as fun as spending money to go and see an attraction. Plus you will probably have better family time together.

Make sure you have climate strips on your doors to help keep heat in during winter. Also have fly screens on your windows so they can remain open during the summer, cutting down on cooling costs.

Instead of throwing gently used things away donate them to charity or offer them to friends who might need them.

You can often save money by bundling your internet and phone services.

For small maintenance jobs or painting around the home save yourself a small fortune and do it yourself in an afternoon.

There’s no point buying designer kids clothes. They grow to fast, ruin them anyway and no one really notices.

Commit to saving a regular amount each week or month and put that money away before you can spend it.