Starting a daycare business can be a great way to make a good living working from home, if you take all the right steps to start the business. If you miss one of the following essential tasks, you could find yourself out of business before you even get used to the idea of working from home, so be sure to cross all your t’s and dot the i’s before starting your home daycare.

Check Local Regulations for Starting a Daycare Business

The absolute first thing you should do when starting a daycare home business is to check on the regulations of operating a daycare within your area. While interest in day care businesses is booming you should visit your state and county government offices and make sure you have complete documentation of everything you need to do to start your home daycare business.

Many states require that you have a certain number of caretakers per a certain number of children, like one caretaker per 6 children, for example. You might also need to have a certain amount of space per child as well, to help avoid overcrowding. Your facility might undergo scrutiny to be sure it meets certain health requirements. You might be required to provide at minimum one hot meal each day, and you might even be forced to have a registered nurse on staff and available when children are present. The requirements will vary largely from state to state, and because you might also be subject to national regulations that change from time to time, be sure to visit the National Child Care Information Center as well.

Find Available Space for Your Home Daycare Business

Of course, many daycare providers offer daycare from their own homes, but you will still need to find space within your home. Will certain rooms (like your bedroom, for instance) be off-limits to your tiny patrons? Will you provide a play area for different age groups, and what about nap time? Will the youngsters have somewhere quiet to rest while older kids go about their days? Make sure that you have enough available space to accommodate potential charges for your home daycare business.

Purchase Necessary Supplies

Depending on the ages of the children you plan to take care of in your home daycare, you might need a variety of supplies. For babies and infants, you might need a high chair and/or playpen. Older kids might need booster seats. All kids will need toys and activities to keep them busy, like books, puzzles, and other age-specific products. If you’re on a budget, head to a local secondhand store or garage sale to look for inexpensive goods, but be sure to disinfect them thoroughly before letting kids play with them.

The bottom line is that if you enjoy working with children and want to try working from home, a daycare home business just might be the right option for you.

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