One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners is managing their time. The number of “hats” small business owners and entrepreneurs wear in any given day is immense. Often a they will be doing everything from sales, to marketing, customer service, invoicing and everything in between.

Without an effective way to keep track of your tasks it is easy to find yourself swamp. Soon enough you realise that you are spending all of your time managing the business, rather than growing it.

That’s why I am a big fan of personal productivity tools and task management applications. In a new segment for our blog we look forward to reviewing some of these tools and showcasing how they can help list your personal productivity.

Today we review Task Pigeon, a free task management tool, that is perfectly suited for individuals and small businesses.

Task Pigeon is free for teams of up to 5 users and therefore most small business owners will find that they never need to move onto the paid version of the application.

Not only that Task Pigeon really is designed with SMEs in mind. Unlike Project Management Software, Task Pigeon is simple and easy to use. Once you create an account it is easy to get started and you immediately know what to click in order to add tasks to your to-do list.


A key aspect of any good task management application is how easy it is to organize tasks. In Task Pigeon there are a number of ways to achieve this.

Firstly, for teams of more than one person there is a split feed between group tasks and my tasks (i.e. your personal tasks). This allows everyone to see tasks assigned to everyone else on the team and then easily filter to their own to-do list.

The second feature for organizing tasks is through the use of categories. You and your team create these yourself. You can call them anything you like, although most people will probably stick with the typical options such as “marketing” or “sales”.

The categories are color coded, as are the tasks assigned to them.

Creating Tasks

By default Task Pigeon offers everything you would come to expect from a task management application. You can create tasks with just a heading so you don’t need to fill out additional details if the task doesn’t warrant it.

If however, you work in a team and there is a need to provide detailed instructions then it is easy to do just that.

Unfortunately the checklist task option is only available during your first fourteen days, during which you get to trial the premium version. After that you have to pay to upgrade in order to use this style of task creation.

Other features that require a paid account including private tasks and the ability to integrate with another tool called Zapier.

I have no experience with Zapier so cannot comment on the value of this integration. You do however have the ability to attach files to tasks from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and MS OneDrive on the free tier.

Commenting and Collaboration

Task Pigeon is really good for small teams where everyone knows each other. It provides everything you need in order to discuss tasks and share information.

Compared to some tools however, large teams may find that they want more in the comments field. For example the ability to tag specific members of a team.

One thing Task Pigeon does however do really well is their email notifications. When you create a task anyone assigned to that will receive an email with all of the details they require. To comment on that task you do not need to open Task Pigeon, you can hit reply and type directly in the body of the email.


In summary Task Pigeon is ideally suited to individuals and SMEs. If you are on a budget or looking to keep costs under control then Task Pigeon has a generous free tier that you are unlikely to exceed if you are a smaller organization.

For teams that have churned through other task management tools previously the simple and easy to understand interface will also be a warm welcome and something that you quickly become accustomed to.

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