Perhaps as a teenager you want to save some cash. At your age, possibly you do not work, since you’re still in school, and that is great, but often you’d like to have some extra cash.

The following are some 7 great tips on how to save money as a teenager.

  1. Do it bit by bit

When you need to eventually save up some big amount of money, do not begin by putting all your cash towards it at once, since you will be tempted to take a couple of dollars here and there from the fund, and it will soon disappear. Try setting aside maybe a third of the money you receive each week or month, because this way you are still going to have cash to spend.

  1. Do odd jobs

When you happen to know a family member who operates a business like a little shop or cafe, you may ask if you can do some couple of days work. This also may add to work experience for not only your college applications but also your CV. When you do not know anybody who has some place you may work, you should try offering to do things for your guardian or parent like babysitting a sibling, cleaning a car, or cleaning out the attic.

  1. Make a viable budget

Provide yourself amounts which you are willing to spend every month on necessary items, and you should then stick to that budget. Do not purchase things which go above and beyond the allotted budget, and this will also make you save the difference.

  1. Sell those things you do not need


Yes, sell the things you do no longer need. You may be having that portable DVD player or old speaker docks you do not remember the last time you used. You would be surprised at the amount you can get and save by selling your old things online.

  1. Think about necessities

You can cancel your Netflix for some couple of months while you save up. Or perhaps you may downgrade your Spotify for some time. It may look a bit hard but when you really need something, it may be worth it eventually.

  1. Assess your spending


You should figure out some reasonable guess of the amount of cash you spend per month or per week, and find the difference. You can save this.

  1. Prioritize your money

Ask yourself where your money should go, and where it should not. When you start getting cash from your part-time work, it’s time you refine your budget by directing your cash to a list of significant priorities it matters most, like college education, transportation, healthcare, and smart savings plan among others. This is going to assist you in keeping the right balance between your spending and saving.


Being able, as a teenager to figure out your money priorities is going to assist you in sorting out your basic needs, and find those areas you may compromise on. Purchasing items that are necessary and affordable, and understanding the significance of saving is an important financial habit. If you develop a viable budget and saving plan, then you are going to discover how prudent your habits are going to become.

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