In the past, investing was left for those who had money, or those who could raise at least $500 at once. If you could not achieve this, then the only option was to deposit your money in a saving/checking account and wait until there is enough to start.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case thanks to micro investing apps that have now made it possible to invest with as little as $1. You can start investing in various kinds of products with your pocket change and the results are simply overwhelming.

Micro investing apps have become the next trend for most people who want to build the egg nest without worrying about high initial capital or impacting their spending habits. With even higher return rates, these apps keep popping up and are available for everyone including students with .edu email addresses. Here is a brief look at the top 5 money-making apps you can try out today to start turning your spare change into big money:



Acorns is by far the most popular money-making apps you will find in the market. It allows you to link your credit and debit cards after which it rounds up everything and only invests the difference. What this means is that if you purchase something worth $20.29, Acorns will round up the figure to $21 and take the extra 71 cents to invest in your account.

Based on your personal risk tolerance, you can choose one of any five ETF portfolios available for investment.


  • You can turn your spare change into a growing egg nest
  • Invests little change you would not feel the impact
  • Has high returns and retailers can invest part of their money into your account
  • Available for android and iOS


  • The annual service charge is $12 so your balance may grow backwards before you start making those transactions that make it possible to invest.
  • Charges 0.25% per year once your balance exceeds $5000 which can be a lot.



This is a popular micro investment app that offers over 30 ETF profiles to invest in. Stash allows you to start investing for $1 a month service charge. You can invest on your favorite stocks for as little as $5 which is incredible considering some of these stocks trade at a minimum $500 per share. There are several options including clean water, energy, social media and travel agencies so it is easy to find your dream company.


  • Allows you to invest with as little as $5 on stocks that are very expensive
  • There are many ETF portfolios (30+) compared to Acorns which only has 5
  • Charges only $1 per month although you need a $5 startup investment
  • You have total control over how much you want to invest
  • Available for android and iOS


  • Charges 0.25% per year once your balance reaches $5000. This is way too much considering there are options that charge as little as 0.05%.

Robin Hood


Robin Hood is yet another money investment app that allows you to begin investing with less than $5. However, it is one of a kind as the first completely free money investment app in the market. They do not charge any trading or commission fees unless you want access to after hour trading for which you will have to pay $10 per month. It is equally important to know that they will also charge a small fee if you borrow money from your online brokerage account.


  • No commissions and maintenance fees charged (completely free)
  • You can invest in your favorite stocks
  • Allows you to invest as little as $5
  • Available for both android and iOS


  • Unfortunately, Robin Hood does not offer fractional shares
  • They do not provide trading advice or insights



Clink is more like Acorns as it allows you to link your credit and debit cards and rounds off the balance to save for investment. You can also allow Clink to deduct a given percentage of your purchases, dinners and shopping for the same. There are 6 different Vanguard ETFs to invest in for a service charge of $1 per month. If you signed up for Clink before July 2016, you will use it for free.


  • Allows you to dictate how much you want to save up for investment
  • Offer fractional shares
  • There are six different portfolios to invest in
  • Available for android and iOS


  • Charges 0.25% for balances that reach $5000
  • Few investment portfolios



Betterment is the ideal platform for those looking for apps that provide rich features for free. It is technically an automated (robo) advisor that allows you to invest as little as $1 for no service fee. You have total control on how much you want to invest. However, Betterment charges 0.25% of your total account annually for the platform. They also offer account rebalancing and tax. You can ask your spouse to join and save more since they analyze both accounts and choose one with the least tax.


  • You do not have to pay anything to trade or set up your account
  • They offer fractional shares
  • Investment can be made with as little as $1
  • You control how much you want to invest
  • One of the best platforms and interfaces


  • They charge 0.25% of your account every year which is quite high


There are several other micro investment apps that have desirable offers and opportunities to invest your spare change. Every investment style has at least a few options to choose from. However, these are the top five apps that are highly reputed among users and are known to bring back that ROI in due time. These are reliable micro investment apps that you can depend on to boost your investment.

It is important to carefully review each opportunity and find out if it is the best for your lifestyle (spending habit and investment preferences). The secret to any successful investment especially through micro-investment mobile apps is consistency. Make sure you invest as much cents and pennies as possible to get more return.

Once you know exactly how these systems work, it will be easier to start realizing your goals and making profit from spare change. It is also possible to save up more and increase your investment amount even to a point of conventional trading (using traditional online brokerage platforms).

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